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Spam attack makes transactions fill block space in Bitcoin ABC chain
November 16, 2018 0 44
During lunchtime in Chicago on November 15, there was a spam strike that took place in the blocks on the Bitcoin ABC. Its chain began filling out with a swelling ...
Bitcoin cash hard fork has brought with it a ‘crypto civil war’: Brian Kelly
November 15, 2018 0 75
Brian Kelly, a cryptocurrency fund manager & the creator as well as CEO of BKCM, just recently shared that the sharp decline of Bitcoin is due to the fact that ...
Northern Queensland is leading the way in Bitcoin Cash adoption
September 17, 2018 0 1
Queensland, much better known for its traveler hotspots, like the Great Obstacle Reef as well as the Gold Coastline is again grabbing all of all the spotlight. This time it ...
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) showing a significant slump in commerce
August 21, 2018 0 130
BCH was presented around a year ago as well as given that its launch it has spoken about in circles, encountering conflicts. The business use of Bitcoin Money (BCH) has ...
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